“Blue Angel” is OUT NOW! Here’s what it’s all about:

blue angel contemporary fantasy novel
blue angel contemporary fantasy novel

Blue Angel, the second book in the Ordshaw series, is now available in eBook and paperback format, from Amazon here. So what’s it all about?

Blue Angel picks up directly where Under Ordshaw leaves off – the next chapter in a thrilling jaunt through the UK’s worst-behaved city. I won’t give any spoilers here, but needless to say many favourite characters are back for more, with plent more dangerous monsters and an ever-twirling conspiracy of lies and revelations.

The release comes on the back of Under Ordshaw receiving an excellent review from Lynn’s Books after coming 3rd in its group for SPFBO 4. It’s a review worth mentioning because Lynn’s main criticism was wanting more! Such is the problem with only being able to fit so much story into one book…

The good news is that while the Ordshaw series was always going to be expansive, my aim was to create a satisfying pairing with the first two books. Blue Angel by no means ends the story, but it at least delivers the madcap events sparked off at the start of Under Ordshaw to some kind of conclusion.

Things to be aware of with this instalment:

  • A single throwaway line from a side-character sets out an important plot-point for the rapidly approaching novella, The City Screams
  • Blue Angel is the middle part of a 3-part opening trilogy for Ordshaw – the Sunken City will return in the third book, The Violent Fae.

Check out Blue Angel here to continue the adventure now.

Wading Through the Short Stories

I write a lot. It’s left me with too much to share, so today I’m offering an opportunity to get involved with more of my short fiction.

It’s taken maybe half a year to get the sequel to  Under Ordshaw ready for publication (still tentatively titled Blue Angel), but I’ve got some half a dozen other novels waiting. Not ideas, whole stewing novels. The Worst Survive, an action-packed dystopian thriller from the world of A Most Apocalyptic Christmas, is waiting for its polish. A fantasy epic from 6 years ago is screaming for attention, too.

Those novels will all get professional attention from my editor eventually – when I can invest the time and money they deserve. And when they’ve got that attention, they’ll fly out into the world like beautiful butterflies. Or fiendish bats, whatever.

It’s another case for my short stories.

When Tracy Fells, won the short story competition we ran this year, she said her winning story had previously been entered in no less than 16 competitions. It had been revised many more times than that. She spent a lot of time on that short story – and she finally reaped the rewards.

I can sympathise with how much attention a short story needs. Sometimes it feels like as much work as a novel. The problem is, it’s easier to remember which novels I’ve written. I’ve got a whole heap of short stories that I took a few stabs at and then forgot existed.

That’s where I’m at: I have lots of unpublished work waiting to be shared, and the short stories have aren’t getting the love they (maybe) deserve.

Now, if you want to read them, I want to share them.

Hopefully, if you’re reading this then you’ve seen The Wrong Way. If you haven’t you can get it on my mailing list, right here. I also put Wheel, from the Estalia universe, sometime last year. They give a taste of my styles – I’ve got a little contemporary, a little fantasy, a little sci-fi, a little horror. A lucky dip of absurdity.

If you’d like to read more short stories for free, I’ll be sending some directly to the inboxes of those who show an interest. Mailing list members will have received this request already, you just need to click the link in the email. If you’re not signed up, join here and let me know you want more shorts!