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Welcome back to Ikiri.

We’ve been a while, but the time’s finally come to return. I’m delighted to announce that the sequel to Kept From Cages, the concluding chapter of the Ikiri Duology and the latest entry in the Ordshaw extravaganza, is complete. It has a release date: Tuesday 19th October, and it’s up for pre-order already HERE (in eBook for now, paperback soon).

With the combined pandemic and complexity of trying to finish this story, this book has taken me longer than I’d expected, and in fact it’s a story that’s been decades in the making. I explored a broad part of the journey over on Fantasy Book Critic here, where I did the cover reveal.

And doesn’t the cover fit in nicely? Kept From Cages left an easy example to follow!

Now, what to expect from Given To Darkness? All your favourite characters back and another heart-pumping ride… Here’s the full blurb below:

Ikiri demands blood. Whose will it be?

A malevolent force stirs from the heart of the Congo. One child can stop it – but everyone wants her dead.

Reece Coburn’s gang have travelled half the world to protect Zipporah, only to find her in more danger than ever. Her violent father is missing, his murderous enemies are coming for them, and her brother’s power is growing stronger. Entire communities are being slaughtered, and it’s only getting worse.

They have to reach Ikiri before its corruption spreads. But there’s a long journey ahead, past ferocious killers and unnatural creatures – and very few people can be trusted along the way.

Can two criminal musicians, an unstable assassin and a compromised spy reach Ikiri alive? What will it cost them along the way?

Pick up this exciting conclusion to the Ikiri duology today, for a supernatural thriller that will keep you hooked right to the finish.

What does this mean for Ordshaw…

Fans of both Kept From Cages and the Ordshaw books may have noticed some crossover between the two stories. This is expanded upon in Given To Darkness, and while it might not create a direct link, being a standalone tale, clues are emerging. I always intended for this duology to be a self-contained story, but you’ll find it opens doors for some of the mysteries broached in the Sunken City Trilogy and The City Screams.

With that in mind, the astute among you may noticed the Ikiri Duology folded into the main Ordshaw series in listings, such as on Amazon, as books 5 and 6, which is where they belong canonically.

Next in line, I’m planning to pick up where The City Screams left off, and to explore another new angle for the series, but you will hopefully see characters from Ikiri returning in the not-to-distant future.

Where to get Given To Darkness

You can pre-oroder Given To Darkness now in eBook format. It will be exclusively on Kindle Unlimited for Amazon users, while the paperback will be available on order from all major retailers shortly. Or you can request it from your local library.