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Phil Williams, Author & Editor

I highly recommend Phil for editing needs because he’s knowledgeable, a wonderful person, reliable for deadlines, and charges reasonable fees – everything you need in a consultant. I plan to hire him for every book I write. – G.A. Kowatch, author of Enchanted Everglades

Have you written a book that you want to polish? I can help.

I’m an author, editor and publisher who’s worked with language for my whole professional career; I make it my business to take writing from good to great. I specialise in SFF/speculative fiction, as both a writer and avid reader, though my background in teaching and freelance writing has made me adaptable to almost any topic.

You can learn about my experience and working style below or jump straight to contact me to get in touch.

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My Editing Experience

Here’s what qualifies me to edit your book:

  • I’ve worked with writing and editing full time since 2011, on novels, anthologies, academia, screenplays, marketing copy, businesses, websites and more.
  • I’m a current, active member of the UK’s leading editing body, the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). I use industry-standard style guides to ensure your work fits the current professional and regional conventions.
  • I’ve completed training courses in copyediting, script editing and proofreading, including via CIEP.
  • I’ve taught English and run a popular website for foreign learners. I’ve written Kindle Bestsellers on language use, including Advanced Writing Skills for Students of English.
  • I’ve published 14 books myself, and am a student of structure, audience expectations and efficient language use.

What can I do for you?

I provide copyediting (AKA line-editing) services, at the stage where you’ve taken your writing as far as you can and now need to give it a professional edge.

I correct language errors and provide advice on other improvements, covering specifics of accuracy and consistency as well as thematic or structural concerns.

I advise on appropriate language and style to help engage your reader in the best way.

Typically, I make edits directly using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, with comments in the document. I can also provide style sheets and a report discussing wider issues.

If this sounds like what you need, contact me with the form below. I’ll look at a sample of your work and give you a bespoke quote. I usually offer a free sample edit so you can see exactly how I work.


Phil Williams has provided an excellent service and I am very pleased to recommend him. He took ownership of the process and editing and even updated historical notes which were missing or wrong. His reports were precise and to the point, and Phil was able to sort out the varying fonts and stylesheets for a standard look and feel. It flows wonderfully. It was a pleasure working with him – Phil’s work has been delivered on time and without any fuss and bother. He is a very calm and paced individual to work with and has been very patient with me. I’m very happy to recommend Phil’s work. – Victor S. Ient, author of These Valient Men

A man with a passion for his craft, he will fix your manuscript to the word until nothing else is wrong with it. – S.F. Claymore, author of The Champion of Psykoria series


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