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Phil Williams, Author & Editor

I’ve always been extremely impressed with the high standard of the edits Phil has undertaken for Hera. 

He is meticulous and stringent in his formatting and grammar fixing, while also being kind and maintaining the authenticity of the authorial voice. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any author or publisher looking for a reliable and trustworthy editor. – Keshini Naidoo, Hera Books

I’m Phil, a dedicated and enthusiastic editor of all things fiction, based in Sussex, UK. I’ve got over 12 years of experience in writing and publishing and offer supportive, professional editing services with a focus on helping you produce the best books you can.

You can learn about my experience and working style below or contact me for a free sample edit and quote.

First, here are some of the books I’ve edited for individual authors and publishers:

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My Editing Experience

  • I’ve worked in writing and editing full-time since 2011, on novels, anthologies, academic texts, screenplays, marketing copy, businesses, websites and more.
  • I’m a current, active member of the UK’s leading editing body, the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). I use industry-standard style guides to ensure your work fits the current professional conventions and am constantly studying new material to improve myself.
  • I’ve completed training courses in copyediting, developmental editing, script editing and proofreading, via CIEP, Liminal Pages and other professional bodies.
  • I’ve taught English and run a popular website for foreign learners, and have even written Amazon Bestsellers on language use, including Advanced Writing Skills for Students of English.
  • As an avid reader and writer myself, I’ve got a keen eye for structure, audience expectations and efficient language use across different genres.

What can I do for you?

Copy editing / Line editing

I provide copyediting / line-editing services at the stage where you’ve taken your writing as far as you can and now want a professional’s input.

I correct language errors and provide advice on other improvements, covering accuracy and consistency as well as thematic or structural issues.

I advise on appropriate language and style specific to your genre and aims, to help engage your reader in the best way.

Typically, I make edits using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, with comments in the document. I can also provide an accompanying style sheet and an editorial report discussing broader issues and recommendations, depending on your needs.

Developmental Editing

I can offer structural advice at an earlier stage, to help you make sure your book is working overall (this is usually done before finalising the text through copy editing / proofreading).

I take into consideration genre conventions and reader expectations to help improve your book’s story and structure, covering details such as character arcs, narrative and thematic questions, consistency, clarity and pacing.

Typically, I do this by giving a complete readthrough of your book and providing a structured developmental report. This can be accompanied by comments within the manuscript, depending on the current stage of the project.

If you’d like to hire me, contact me with the form below. I’ll offer you a sample edit so you can see how I work, and give you a bespoke quote.


Phil was highly professional, personable and efficient in the work he did for us. He was quick to respond to any queries and meticulous in his approach and explanations. I’d be very happy to recommend him! – Polly Mackintosh, Gallic Books

I can heartily recommend Phil Williams as both a developmental and copy editor. He expertly reviewed early drafts of my novels, giving insightful and precise feedback on chapter and manuscript structure, character evolution and plot development. As a copy editor he tightened up dialogue that I’d previously thought was pretty tight, as well as being spookily adept at identifying any unnecessary exposition or misuse of grammar. He turned the work around promptly and, overall, vastly improved the quality of my writing. – Richard Buxton, award-winning author of the Shire’s Union trilogy

Phil was exactly who I was looking for in a copyeditor. His edits were well judged and kept my voice whilst smoothing out my writing. Would recommend him to anyone looking to polish their manuscript to the next level. – Matt Dearden, author of Flying from Shangri-La

Phil’s work contributed to a significantly more polished story and I would have no hesitation using his services again in the future.

One of the biggest elements that I appreciated was the Editing Report provided as a separate document. The report offered a comprehensive summary of the work where Phil pointed out story issues or recurring issues with language or grammar. This report was helpful when framing the edits performed within the manuscript that called out passive voice, overused words, or sections that were unclear. – Craig Hamilton, author of Apocalypse Grit

I highly recommend Phil for editing needs because he’s knowledgeable, a wonderful person, reliable for deadlines, and charges reasonable fees – everything you need in a consultant. I plan to hire him for every book I write. – G.A. Kowatch, author of Enchanted Everglades

Phil Williams has provided an excellent service and I am very pleased to recommend him. He took ownership of the process and editing and even updated historical notes which were missing or wrong. His reports were precise and to the point, and Phil was able to sort out the varying fonts and stylesheets for a standard look and feel. It flows wonderfully. It was a pleasure working with him – Phil’s work has been delivered on time and without any fuss and bother. He is a very calm and paced individual to work with and has been very patient with me. I’m very happy to recommend Phil’s work. – Victor S. Ient, author of These Valient Men

A man with a passion for his craft, he will fix your manuscript to the word until nothing else is wrong with it. – S.F. Claymore, author of The Champion of Psykoria series


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