Ordshaw is Going Wide

complete ordshaw series

In the run-up to the release of Dyer Street Punk Witches, I’ve been busy behind the scenes setting up the entire Ordshaw series for wider release. That means the books will be available digitally pretty much everywhere – on all the other eBook stores besides Amazon. (Previously the books were on the Kindle Unlimited service, which prohibits authors from putting them on other stores.)

I’ve decided to do this for various reasons, though the main one is simply that I dislike Amazon having exclusive access to books, limiting readers’ choice. As I write concise books, the royalties I’ve received from the service have always been minimal, too. This may disappoint Kindle Unlimited subscribers, but if you’ve been reading on KU and were waiting on Dyer Street, it will still be available (keep reading below).

It’s good news for everyone else, though, and particularly for anyone concerned with the prices of books: the Ordshaw series will now be available in digital format from your local library; all you have to do is request the books you want. It’s also making it possible for me to do this:

Get into Ordshaw for FREE

As part of this process, with 7 books available and Under Ordshaw close to celebrating 5 years in general release, I’m changing things up to make it easier than ever to get into the Ordshaw series. As of now, you can read Under Ordshaw for FREE by joining my mailing list, just sign up here.

And there’s more: as the sequel, Blue Angel, goes on wider release, I’ll be making it available for only $0.99 / £0.99 everywhere. That should be in place from August 23rd, but if the prices haven’t updated by then, keep an eye on it.

What’s more, as I’ve said above, you’ll now be able to request Ordshaw books from the library in eBook format, so you can borrow instead of buy.

What’s the timeline?

This is a bit of a process, so I’m not just pushing all the books out at once. I’m staggering the releases of the series by a couple of weeks at a time. But I’ve got all the links in place for eBook pre-orders for the eager. Here’s the release schedule here, with dates in the UK format:

What about Dyer Street Punk Witches?

The one exception to all this, right now, is for the latest release, Dyer Street Punk Witches. As I’m aware some readers will have been working through the series on KU, and as the series is only going wide gradually, I thought it fairest to still start Dyer Street on KU for a limited time. The novel will therefore still launch on Amazon Kindle and KU for a single term (90 days) before being released everywhere else.

That means KU readers have a 3-month window to read Dyer Street. As it comes out on September 12 2022, it should then be out wide just before Christmas 2022!

What about the collections?

Finally, there is The Sunken City Trilogy (collecting Books 1 – 3) and The Ordshaw Vignettes Vol. 1. These will both be coming to the wider stores, too, but only after I have a chance to rebrand them. I’m designing new covers along with a hardback edition of The Sunken City, and when all that’s in place they’ll be getting general releases.

In addition, the collected edition of the Ikiri Duology should be along around the same time, and I may even get together Volume 2 of the Ordshaw Vignettes.

That’s all for now! Onward to the global spread of Ordshaw!