ordshaw series book sale

This week only (07/06 – 11/06), I’m running my biggest Ordshaw sale yet – with three distinct avenues into Ordshaw all at rock-bottom prices. Under Ordshaw, Blue Angel, The City Screams and Kept From Cages are ALL only $0.99/£0.99 on Kindle US/UK. Either pick a place to start or horde the whole collection, the choice is yours.

Want to know how each opens the doorway into the urban fantasy thriller series? Here’s what to expect:

first two books ordshaw

“a nice balance of whimsy and arsekicking” – Bookshine and Readbows

Under Ordshaw / Blue Angel

Under Ordshaw is the book which first exposed the world to the UK’s worst-behaved city. Join Pax Kuranes, struggling poker pro, as she stumbles into a conspiracy of tunnels and monsters. What starts as a hapless effort to recover stolen property quickly turns into a sprawling fight for her life, which could change the fabric of her city.

Blue Angel directly continues the story, and together with The Violent Fae it  forms the now complete Sunken City Trilogy.

Read these books for:

  • Snappy, quick-witted characters
  • Creepy-cum-bumbling  government spooks
  • Hidden subterranean labyrinths
  • Organised and disorganised crime
  • Vulgar/lovable fairies
free urban fantasy novella

“total addictive blast” – Queen’s Book Asylum

The City Screams

Meet Tova Noakes, an Ordshaw native who’s never really travelled, but finds herself alone in Tokyo for experimental ear surgery. They claimed they could restore her hearing. Things go badly (monsters-in-the-closet style) wrong.

Tova is contacted by a stranger with very shady intentions and suddenly finds herself on the run, trying to figure out why thugs are trying to kill her and what on Earth (or not?) she’s started hearing…

This book introduces a new mystery in the world of Ordshaw, soon to be expanded on with a sequel.

Read this book for:

  • A unique perspective from a deaf protagonist
  • Quickly-escalating confusion in a place far, far from home
  • Chilling threats that lurk unseen
  • Super-positive vibes in the face of hair-raising drama


kept from cages supernatural thriller

“pure adventure, no two ways about it” – Fantasy Book Review

Kept From Cages

A gang of criminal jazz musicians rescue an abducted child with red eyes and psychic powers. An international agent investigates the unexplained massacre of an entire village and decade-old corporate experiments. An unstable assassin picks up a lead on the death of her only friend.

Somehow, all these frenetic adventures connect to a black site called Ikiri.

This globe-trotting adventure jumps from Louisiana to the Congo with nods to Ordshaw in between; the first part in a duology of fast-paced, action-packed stories, with the sequel out this summer.

Read this for:

  • Sharp-talking, fun-filled characters
  • Haunting wilderness locales with a touch of the Gothic
  • Lurking, larger-than-life creatures and deadly swordsmen
  • International mystery and intrigue
  • Pulse-pumping action

There you have it – four shots at an Ordshaw opening to discover the weird and wonderful thrills of a familiar world where anything is possible. And if that’s not enticement enough, the complete Sunken City Trilogy is now available on audio (fantastically performed!) – pick up the Kindle versions above and you can get the Audible copies at a hefty discount!