Given To Darkness [eBook]


EBook of the stunning sequel to Kept From Cages, concluding the Ikiri Duology, a global adventure packing in even more action, chills and twists.


Ikiri demands blood. Whose will it be?

A malevolent force stirs from the heart of the Congo. One child can stop it – but everyone wants her dead.

Reece Coburn’s gang have travelled half the world to protect Zipporah, only to find her in more danger than ever. Her violent father is missing, his murderous enemies are coming for them, and her brother’s power is growing stronger. Entire communities are being slaughtered, and it’s only getting worse.

They have to reach Ikiri before its corruption spreads. But there’s a long journey ahead, past ferocious killers and unnatural creatures – and very few people can be trusted along the way.

Can two criminal musicians, an unstable assassin and a compromised spy reach Ikiri alive? What will it cost them along the way?

Pick up this exciting conclusion to the Ikiri duology today, for a supernatural thriller that will keep you hooked right to the finish.

What reviewers are saying…

“both terrifying and mind-blowing” – Before We Go Blog

“the perfect blend of action, horror and comedy” – Becky’s Books

“great pacing, an interesting cast, weird monsters…another fun, thrilling adventure to round out the Ikiri duology” – Travis Riddle, author of Flesh Eater and Spit and Song

“an engrossing and ultimately very satisfying ending to this supernatural sci-fi thriller!” – Dini Panda Reads

“If you are looking for adventure, mystery and a good measure of fantasy elements, you need look no further than this book” – Space & Sorcery

“A memorable read highly recommended for fantasy readers looking for something different.” – Brainfluff


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