Introducing… Oksy, Come Home

oksy come home novella cover

We have exactly one week to go until the release of However Many Must Die (woo!) and I’ve got a surprise second release to officially announce:

On the same day, I’ll be putting out a prequel Blood Scouts novella, Oksy, Come Home!

This bonus story will give readers of However Many Must Die an immediate path back to the world of the Rocc and the One War, to explore how one of the scouts’ most competent members came to join the fight.

Oksy, Come Home just creeps into novella territory at about 87 pages long, and for now will be available exclusively as a free eBook, available via a link at the end of However Many Must Die (to be found in both the eBook and print versions).

Check out the full blurb here:

Oksy, Come Home

She came to make a difference, if only they’d let her…

Sniper Oksy hasn’t found her place in the army yet. She knows she’s good – maybe even the best – but Command won’t even give her a gun.

In fact, they mostly want to blame her for everything that goes wrong.

After the latest disaster behind enemy lines, she’s being reassigned to the harrowing trenches, under the threat of ogres, mages and tentacles. How can she convince them to let her fight? How can she prove she belongs here – and not in the miserable home she left behind?

Return to the thrilling, chilling world of the One War with this prequel novella, set before the events of However Many Must Die, with Oksy yet to join the Blood Scouts.

Oksy, Come Home will be sent out via email starting on October 10th, the same day that However Many Must Die comes out. To get in there as soon as possible, you can still pre-order However Many Must Die from all major eBook stores here. Paperback pre-orders aren’t currently available, but they should start appearing in stores this weekend.