A lifelong slave determines to escape her master – with devastating results.

Following the re-issue of Wixon’s Day (with it’s fantastic new cover) I’m now on the cusp of completing a follow up novella – Balfair’s Confinement. Bridging the gap between the dramatic finale of Wixon’s Day and the opening of its long-overdue sequel, Balfair’s Confinement is a self-contained story that introduces an isolated group of new characters – in an eerie new environment. To give a brief teaser, here’s the opening paragraph as it stands:

The moment she saw the metal tank, Deni knew a change was coming. She could see it in the fear on Balfair’s face. He usually lit up with rare enthusiasm at new discoveries, but there was only caution as he rolled the canister through the cracked entrance hall. The engineer had uncovered everything in that swamp, from ancient machine engines to chests of impenetrable tins; she had never seen him afraid before. This was what she had been waiting for. Hoping for. The thing that could be used to destroy him.

In the tradition of Wixon’s Day, it’s a story steeped in the grim atmosphere of Estalia, a distant post-apocalypse where the clouds never part and smoky steampunk technology surrounds. And, like with that original novel, the brooding opening gives way to a vicious story. It’s clocking in at about 27,000 words, and is currently with my editor – due for updates in next month and, all being equal, I hope to hit the electronic shelves with it by the end of June.

And the best news? I intend to make it available free for my subscribers. If you’re not on the list yet you can JOIN HERE – you’ll be the first to hear of the release of Balfair’s Confinement, and you’ll receive a free copy of A Most Apocalyptic Christmas too.