With my best wishes for everyone in this difficult time, I’ll keep this short as we’re all knee-deep in virus updates. Things are tough and I regret to say I’m slowing down a little with my fiction to focus on non-fiction – in the interests of survival! – though the Under Ordshaw audiobook is still due in the next few weeks and Book 5 is near completion.

Meanwhile, I want to offer something that might lighten the burden, so my dystopian novel Aftan Whispers is FREE on Kindle from today until Tuesday.

When I first released this book I was determined that it would not be one I’d discount or giveaway.

But we all need some light right now, and however bleak the setting of Aftan Whispers, it follows possibly the most positive and uplifting main character I’ve ever worked with. So please accept my gift of a free read to help with the isolation and anxiety – click the button above, or HERE.

Stay safe, take care of each other and happy reading!