new front coverContinuing the work I’ve been doing on updating my front covers, you might’ve noticed that the novella A Most Apocalyptic Christmas has been updated with a spectacular new cover. The arduous work of my long-term collaborator Bob Wright, we were aiming for a vintage action story look in the style of old pulp fiction books. It takes cues from more modern post-apocalyptic tradition, too, such as the artwork you find in the media of the Fallout computer game series.

Considering this is digital artwork for a digital book, in a vintage style, the cover very much encapsulates the feel of the Faergrowe world – a future America damned by so much fighting that it’s stuck paradoxically in the past. As the first instalment in a series of connected novels and novellas, expect more of this brilliant artwork to come.

If you haven’t read A Most Apocalyptic Christmas yet, it’s a madcap tale of one man’s attempts to get home for Christmas – and the psychopaths he has to fight along the way.  Don’t forget you can get it for free by joining our mailing list – click the big orange button on the homepage or go here. This novella’s the first in a trio of books I’m making available to my reader groups for free – introducing each of the three series I’m working on. Watch this space for news of the upcoming Estalia novella, Balfair’s Confinement (which, incidentally, has a spangly new front cover all of its own).