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"An impressive writer" – Mark Lawrence, Gemmell Award Winner and international bestselling author
"I freaking bloody loved the Blood Scouts" – Julia Sarene, The Fantasy Hive
"A unique, compelling story with plenty of action and vivid characters." – Patrick Samphire, author of Shadow of a Dead God

Get ready for the first entry in an epic new series from Phil Williams: However Many Must Die introduces a diverse dark fantasy world crawling with monsters, plagued by war, and on the precipice of big changes.

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Wild Wish was trained to do one thing: kill.

Saved from a lonely backwater existence by a global war, Wish couldn't believe her luck when she got into the Blood Scouts. Now she gets to share tents with an all-female platoon of night-stalking, giant-slaying, boat-sinking, battle-swaying legends in the making.

The problem is, they keep dying.

And they've been given their worst assignment yet.

The enemy Dread Corps are combining magics deep within the nightmare lands of Low Slane, to unleash a weapon that could sway the entire war. It's up to the Blood Scouts to stop them – with a journey that gets more dangerous with every step.

Far behind enemy lines, death hangs in the air. Monsters lurk around every corner.

Are Wish's skills – and positive attitude – enough to keep her Blood Scouts alive?

Or will the cost of survival finally break her?

Get ready for the first epic entry in a new series, and a new world, of dark military fantasy from Phil Williams. Start reading today!