phil williams authorPhil Williams was born in the affable commuter-belt of Hertfordshire, where he learnt to escape a comfortable life through sinister fantasy fiction. He has worked as an English teacher and tutor, a copywriter, a media researcher and a start-up executive, and continues to offer freelance services in writing, editing and tutoring.  He has lived and worked in Prague, Moscow and the Abu Dhabi desert, though ultimately settled for a quiet seaside town in the UK. Phil now resides in Worthing with his wife and unimaginably fluffy dog, Herbert. He is currently working on 3 novel series.

The Estalia series began with Wixon’s Day, in 2012, the first full length novel Phil published, following apathetic boatman Marquos as he is drawn into a war that uncovers truths about the forgotten history of his desolate world. The post-apocalytpic landscape of Estalia is shrouded in cloud and populated by an anarchistic society struggling to rebuild. Its reconstructed steampunk technology and distorted traditions offer hints of a long-lost civilisation, though to unravel the mysteries the population must first overcome their internal power struggles.

The Ordshaw Fairy Tales are a series of urban fantasy stories set in and around the fictional UK city of Ordshaw – a metropolis where vile creatures that lurk in the night threaten to unsettle all we know of the world. Gun City Bohemian was an early example of this setting, following a student artist mistakenly unleashing hell. The upcoming Pax Kuranes novels fully explore the city of Ordshaw, as a reclusive young gambler discovers a hidden labyrinth under her city – and is drawn into a centuries-old war between monsters and diminutive fairies.

The Faergrowe Free State series follows the adventures of a group of mercenaries in a near-future world laid to waste by a global war. With food scarce and countries replaced by characterful city-states, it’s every person for themselves, with only the very few striving to restore peace and order. The series began life as an unpublished novel featuring the exploits of the thuggish English mercenary Scullion, which was used as background for the screenplay The Faergrowe Principle. Its first novella release was the Christmas-themed A Most Apocalyptic Christmas. Scullion will return to dispense his own manner of loutish justice in the first Faergrowe novel, due late 2017.