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urban fantasy novel

A late night abduction. A book of horrors. Can a lone gambler unravel this city’s darkest secrets?

Pax is one rent cheque away from the unforgiving streets of Ordshaw. After her stash is stolen, her hunt for the thief unearths a book of nightmares and a string of killers, and she stands to lose much more than her home.

There’s something lurking under her city.

Knowing it’s there could get you killed.

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blue angel contemporary fantasy novel

She’s touched the underworld. Can she survive its legacy?

Waking on an unfamiliar floor, Pax is faced with two difficult truths. She’s on the run from a murderous government – and monsters really do exist. What’s more, her body’s going haywire, which she desperately hopes isn’t a side-effect of her encounters in the Sunken City.

If she’s going to survive, and expose what’s under Ordshaw, she’s got a thousand questions to answer – starting with the identity of the enigmatic Blue Angel.

To expose the Angel, she needs help.

That help could prove her biggest danger yet.

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Tova’s about to get her hearing back. She’s going to wish she didn’t.

Alone in Tokyo for experimental ear surgery, Tova Nokes is eager to finally shake up her life. Until she starts to hear things she shouldn’t, and all she wants is to make it home alive.

But there’s a voice in her head, saying it’s where she comes from that makes her special.

If she can only survive violent stalkers, and the insatiable screams, she might figure out why…


wixon's day novel

Marquos just wanted to see what was left of the world. He never meant to join the war to save it.

Marquos drifts through the cloud-concealed Empire of Estalia, searching for hope of a better future as he scavenges to survive. In the Deadland of the North, they say the sky is clear, and the stars shine. Marquos dreams of seeing it. He believes there is beauty there, even as he drifts into a world of savages.

With rebels plaguing the canals, and the authoritarian Guards pursuing Marquos for his attempts to liberate a child, the route north is wrought with peril. The militant rulers and the ragged resistance fighters vie for the boatman’s support, drawing Marquos into a war many don’t realise exists, and revealing secrets about the world that threaten to wipe out what little is left.

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dystopian novella free

Isolated in the derelict estate of the engineer Balfair, with only a miserable fellow slave for company, Deni dreams of changing her arduous life. When her master drags something new from the swamp and excludes her from his secretive project, she finally sees her chance. Deni determines to do whatever it takes to break free – even if it brings the full weight of the war-mongering Guard down on Balfair.

The results may be devastating, but they will notice her at last – and she will be free.

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steampunk novel

He didn’t know how savage the world was – until he met Deni.

As the days grow darker in the Estalian Empire, young Tyler stays positive by helping others. But when he meets a girl on the run with enemies in the highest places, Tyler’s life gets complicated fast. Deni isn’t afraid to kill, and she’s got a secret that could tear apart the sky.

In a mortal chase that takes them from a besieged city across the war-torn countryside, Tyler soon discovers that the Empire’s guardians are their most dangerous foe. Worse still, Deni is faced with a terrible choice: remain hidden and save herself – or expose herself to prevent the oncoming darkness.

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a most apocalyptic christmas

On the night before Christmas, mercenary Scullion’s ride home is ambushed halfway between the last surviving cities in America. Concerned only with getting drunk for the holiday, his attempts to abandon his fellow passengers to bandits lead him on a collision course with a barbaric community who have utterly distorted the seasonal spirit. This is one madcap night he cannot survive alone, challenging his perceptions of the meaning of Christmas.

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phil williams authorPhil Williams was born in the commuter-belt of Hertfordshire, where he learnt to escape a comfortable life through sinister fantasy fiction. He has worked as an English teacher, a copywriter, a media researcher and a start-up executive, and continues to freelance in writing, editing and tutoring.  He lived and worked in Prague, Moscow and the Abu Dhabi desert, before settling for a quiet seaside town in the UK. Phil now resides in Worthing with his wife and his unimaginably fluffy dog, Herbert. He is currently working on 3 novel series.

The Ordshaw series is a collection of urban fantasy thrillers set in and around the UK city of Ordshaw – a place where dark secrets threaten the world we know. The opening novels follow card sharp Pax Kuranes’ introduction to a labyrinthine conspiracy, starting with Under Ordshaw. Expect monsters, diminutive fairies and a mystery that’ll take a lot of snark to unravel.

The Estalia series began with Phil’s first published novel, Wixon’s Day, in 2012,  set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia powered by steam. An apathetic boatman is drawn into a war and uncovers truths about the forgotten history of his desolate world. With reconstructed steampunk and an anarchist system of rulership, Estalia is a deadly place that gets more tense and chaotic with each instalment in the series.

The Faergrowe Free State series follows a group of mercenaries in post-World War 3 America. With food scarce and countries replaced by city-states, it’s every person for themselves, a philosophy English mercenary Scullion is particularly fond of. The Christmas-themed novella, A Most Apocalyptic Christmas, is already available, with a five-book action-thriller arc due for Scullion in the near future, starting with The Worst Survive.

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